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The summer flew by with lots of fun activities and busy times at Cedar Grove Acres.

We hosted a wedding, a graduation party, a few surprise birthday parties, and an outing where golfing buddies from all over the US gathered to play corn hole and enjoy a pig cooked over an open fire on a hand cranked spit. We were also able to complete a few of our development projects before the September wedding.

The old pack house fell down with a little “board prying” encouragement from Richard which meant we were now able to up-cycle the barn wood to complete the Caddy Shack and the fully functional Outhouse.

As you walk down the driveway past the Outhouse and the antiquated farm equipment towards the main venue, you start to breathe in the country air and smell the southern breeze. You can actually feel your blood pressure lower as you begin to appreciate and understand the way our ancestors lived.

On one of the many tours that I had recently, I received the greatest compliment when a visitor said “you and Richard have done an amazing job of preserving the integrity of the existing old buildings and have upcycled them into something beautiful.” Perfect summation of our mission statement!

We used plantation rocks from the previous separate kitchen and meat house to build a rock foundation around the hand dug 27’ deep well. The top edge of the wall is built with handmade brick that resembles a wagon wheel from the side.

The tavern took another elegant step as the red velvet couch, not cake, was added to the décor. What a beautiful backdrop for a bride. And let’s not forget the Knight in Shining Armor standing guard in the corner of the Tavern, or the handmade bistro tables, different heights for different folks.

Getting a taste of cooler weather only means that the beauty and crispness of fall can’t be too far off. We always enjoy sitting by the outdoor fireplace at the Sugar Shack listening to music whispering from the trees. The sun slowly sets on the ridge in the pasture accentuating the colors of the fall leaves while the resident geese meander towards the pond.

And, what can be better than relaxing on the front porch swing listening to the gentle pitter patter of a late summer rain fall on the tin roof.

Country living….country life. Come enjoy it with us.

Call us today to book your next event and step back in time, if only for an evening.